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Eurolight is a complete suite of exchange systems specifically designed to optimize the core business of a Commodity Exchange. It is a generic and flexible system that handles all relevant business processes from trading to settlement to grid operator notification. Eurolight has proven to be a stable system and is currently used by APX-ENDEX in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom for Power and Gas trading.

Eurolight has been extended with an interface to Trayport. This interface gives the APX-ENDEX the possibility to export the configured electricity and gas markets from Eurolight into Trayport. Via Trayport orders can be entered while settlement and notification are handled by Eurolight.

In the past year Eurolight was also extended with interfaces to the following market coupling programs:

Energy Trading System (ETS) of EPEX Spot SE

In cooperation with EPEX Spot SE, Soops BV developed a state-of-the-art trading system that is used by France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. ETS has proven to be a stabile system and is in production now since early 2010.

Price Coupling System (PCS)

Market coupling is a method for integrating energy markets in different areas. With market coupling the daily cross-border transmission capacity between countries or areas is implicitly made available via energy transactions on power exchanges on either side of the border. Soops BV, in cooperation with EPEX Spot SE, has developed a coupling system for the day-ahead auctions on power markets in the Central Western European region (Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg). The Price Coupling System is operating successfully since Augustus 2011.

Currently SOOPS BV, in cooperation with EPEX Spot SE, is adapting the Price Coupling System to accommodate the Central European Exchange coupling (CEE), for the integration of the power trade between Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.