Soops is a dynamic software development company founded in 1992 by two brothers: IJsbrand and Albert Kerssies. Soops was the first company in The Netherlands fully dedicated to object technology. A choice informed by the fact that both founders quickly became convinced that object technology best translates the complex and changing needs of organizations into working ICT-systems.

At the end of the nineties, Soops concentrated its expertise on the financial services industry. During this period Soops developed a trading system for stocks. Realizing that the generic character of the system meant that the system could easily be applied to other markets, enabled Soops to transform into a company specialized in real-time order transaction systems for any market. At the same time Europe's energy exchanges started to bloom, opening up an oppertunity for Soops to establish foothold in a rapidly developing market.

Soops' Eurolight suite of exchange systems, developed for the APX Group, contributed to this exchange's business success and enabled the Amsterdam Power Exchange to win several awards. Notably the APX Group was named the Energy Exchange of the year in 2005 and 2008. Currently, Soops Group still focusses on object technology. Throughout the years, Soops has developed into a company specialized in real-time order management and transaction systems, clearing systems and market operator tools. Soops mission is to become the ICT-supplier of choice for the most important energy exchanges. Soops is one of only a few software development companies fully dedicated to the power trading market.